Doğuş Automotive Headquarters

The Doğuş Automotive Headquarters are located in the Asian part of Istanbul, facing the O-1 motorway (E-5). The main office block is on the West end of a plot, adjacent to the metro station, with the sales and service facilities buildings located to the East along the highway.
The main building geometry is formed by two L shaped prisms wrapping inside a third rectangular prism resembling the gesture of two hands holding a jewel inside. While the facade of the building generates a reference in the local urban context, the wide stairs beginning from the sales showroom to the sidewalk, offer an extension of the public space for pedestrians and a meeting point connecting the building and the metro station.
The design approach followed our human-centric environment principles, which served to accomplish a remarkable landmark building, with sustainable and energy-efficient architecture. The end result provides a healthy, comfortable, enjoyable, efficient and flexible space for its users with maximum spacial and energy efficiency.