Güngören Municipality Library Building

The project is a part of a series of public buildings that Güngören Municipality has been planning for the local student community and residents to provide them with co-working, meeting, and study spaces. The idea is to create an accessible and free of charge place with optimal conditions for individual study & group activities.

The site is in Güngören Kent Park, above the underground car park, on the opposite side of Metin Şar Mosque.  The pavilion is a lightweight prefabricated structure, constructed above the existing café & local authority building which would be renovated and integrated into a contemporary design to serve as a link between upper and lower plazas.

On the upper levels, the study areas are divided into two floors. The ground floor (which is the first floor from the park side) contains the main entrance & reception, sanitary, closed meeting rooms, co-working spaces, laptop stations for individuals working along the façade overlooking the park. The mezzanine contains co-working and lounge areas. On the basement level (which is on the ground level of the park side), the existing café will be upgraded with a new interior design and provide more flexibility with an open kitchen and a complete transparent façade to the exterior terrace. The local authority will be displaced, and the space will be used for studios & workshops for community activities, courses, and educative purposes, sponsored by the municipality.

In complement to the new pavilion, the entire landscape of the car park's roof will be redesigned to increase the park's green spaces, add shaded areas, offer more seating/meeting areas, and provide a new terrace for the café and the student station. This space also serves as a multifunctional open-air event space to serve the neighborhood's needs.