Kordon Istanbul P1 Güzelbahçe

Kordon Istanbul is a mixed-use project located along Cendere Valley near the canal in Kağıthane district on the European side of Istanbul. The Cendere Valley is also known as “The Green Bosphorus” due to its topographical formation very similar to the Bosporus that connects the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. Additionally, it also forms a wind corridor from the North of the city to the Haliç Peninsula (Golden Horn) with a significant positive impact in the quality of the local environment.
The project has been distributed in several plots directly adjacent to the main canal, with a medium density program that is distributed into different volumes built over a commercial podium connected by a sequence of plazas and the streets. This podium serves as a transitional border that assures the privacy of the main courtyards accessible only to the local residents.