LÖSEV Natural Life Center

The site for this project is located in the centre of the vast and dry Anatolian plains in central Turkey and was once used as a fish farm where water was collected in a serious of artificial ponds. Over the years, the presence of these surfaces of water altered the surrounding landscape that is now occupied by lush vegetation and trees which can be considered a true oasis in a land deprived of water.

This area has been recently acquired by the Health and Education Foundation for Children with Leukaemia with the intention of creating a unique educational and recreational complex dedicated to the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle focused on the cycles of nature, organic agriculture, permaculture, balanced growth and management of livestock and an adequate waste and compost management.

As the country is experiencing a very rapid, often chaotic and devastating urbanization process with an increasing desensitization towards the destruction of natural environments, the vision behind this project is ground-breaking by offering the visitors a unique opportunity to directly engage in a variety of activities that can provide them with the practical knowledge and tools to achieve a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

The master-plan includes various types of accommodation facilities, small conference rooms,  open-air event and concert areas, workshop areas, a small market, green houses, organic farms, permaculture facilities, animal barns, compost management and waste disposal facilities, small scale energy production systems and various water related leisure facilities.