I would like to start by introducing myself, I am Ada and I am currently in my second year of high school in Belgium. I have been interested in architecture as long as I have known myself, and I wanted to see if I could actually become one. What better way to figure that out than having an internship, right?

During my time in MUUM, I had the chance to observe what real life architects do and how they got there. I watched people design spectacular buildings, focusing on the smallest details and making every little detail right. I was amazed by how much work goes into even one little window. I am grateful for this chance because aside from observing, I also got to learn a few things, such as presentations and general design. I spent my whole week with such amazing architects as well as other interns who are currently in university. Talking to them gave me an insight on the academic part of architecture and I will forever be grateful for that.

MUUM helped me discover myself, discover why I want to become an architect. They welcomed me with a smile and let me poke through their work. I feel lucky to have had this experience in such a young age because it helped me understand architecture better. My perspective changed drastically. I now know what really goes behind the office doors and how much effort it takes to design a building. By writing this, I would like to focus on how this experience has changed my perspective. I would also like to thank the MUUM team for giving me this chance and teaching me.