The places I’ve been in for as long as I can remember have always made me think, ‘I wonder what effect this ceiling makes if this ceiling is so high?’ ‘Would it be nice if that window was a little bigger?’ Or ‘How could this building be built next to such a beautiful building?’ Inquiries in style. The fact that detail or a whole bother me when I question them, that’s exactly why ‘If you don’t like it, how would you do it if you did? I was faced with the question. If I find a detail that can be corrected in everything, I guess it would be the happiest solution to design myself from the beginning. Realizing that I wanted to decide on all the details, from the handrail of the stairs to the width of the doors, it was just a matter of deciding that architecture would be the logical choice for me. Well, according to what did I make this decision, okay I like to design, but I always think around my own wishes, what will those who share this space with me think? How can I bring my ideas to real life? My search for answers to questions like these resulted in me meeting MUUM. Although I was still in high school, I was given a wonderful opportunity to return to the e-mail I sent and get to know the company and architecture better. I am sure that what I have learned in a week and a half that I have spent in this intimate environment will enable me to act more consciously while making decisions that will affect the rest of my life, and if you are someone with such concerns, after reading this article you can start taking a few steps towards getting to know yourself and your dreams. Now, I would like to give a little more detail to those who are curious about my expectations and experiences before meeting MUUM.

What kind of work environment have you been at MUUM?

I took the first step into this experience by meeting Umut and Murat, who greeted me with a smiling face as soon as I entered the door. I was overly excited to be able to chat directly with the founders of the company, and upon meeting other interns and employees, I realized the friendly atmosphere I was in. I realized how important it is for cooperation to ensure that everyone works in the same environment and prevent things like status from creating a disconnection between people in this way. Being in constant communication both contributes to the discussion of the structures put forward in every aspect and plays a key role in the process of being healthy in the process that comes to this point. The sincere atmosphere created by the communal areas, which you can see in the internship videos, was a detail that attracted my attention.

What else did I notice?

I became aware that there are many things that an architect should think about, based on my conversations with Umut and Murat Bey and what I learned about the designs that the team put forward together. How do you reflect your own ideas; while doing this, others

how do you put it in front of you Time is flowing, desires and needs change shape? How do you follow this up? There are many questions that need to be answered strategically, such as how to act within the uncertainty and competition, it is unbelievably valuable to find the opportunity to discuss these issues.

How did I spend my days?

I can say that I learned a lot about the importance and requirements of the presentation phase in terms of promotion. In this process, I quickly learned how to use photoshop and make gifs. On top of that, one of my university students, Gamze helped me prepare for the presentation within a week by designing a structure I wanted in SketchUp and letting me use what I learned for this presentation phase. Thus, I had the chance to get information from those around me about the details I should pay attention to while designing the production in SketchUp, from 9 am to 6 pm. By the end of the week, it was time to introduce my project to other interns with the production finished and the presentation ready. I had the opportunity to examine their processes as I shared my own design. Finally, it was an incredible experience for me to be able to share this project with Umut one to one and get his comments.

What do we young people think about communal areas?

At the end of a week that I had fun and learned so much, I wanted to come for a few more days, and I even had the opportunity to design something for a project of MUUM. Upon Umut asked the interns what they think of the young people about communal living spaces, we put forward another project together. This time I had the chance to create a real model. Thus, I have seen what it is like to work together in such projects.

This was my experience here, which I wrote and learned so much that I could not tell. I thank you again for giving me this opportunity. If you are not satisfied with what you encounter, I want to end by saying maybe you can try to change it. The details I have given here are not enough for you, and you yourself