I want to start by introducing myself. I’m Ece Ünlü. I graduated from Istanbul Kultur University, interior architecture and environmental design. Even though interior design was not my only goal during the selection period, I think I couldn’t be this happy in another department when I look at today. For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in art and every detail that makes up art, such as color, harmony, pattern, painting. Researching innovations and learning about different subjects always excited me. Interior architecture, in my opinion, is to be able to convey what is in your mind through visual language and to use it as a communication language.

When I first started my internship, being greeted with a smiling face at the entrance motivated me a lot and thanks to the work taught and given from the first day, I quickly provided my adaptation process. The responsibilities given during my internship at MUUM made me understand better what awaits me in my professional life. I understood how important it is to work in an open office environment in the division, process and follow-up. I had the chance to learn and improve myself on every subject that I did not know or lack in professional terms.

During my internship period, getting to know my profession by experiencing it in an office environment took my happiness, curiosity and researcher side to the next level. During the internship, I gained shortcuts and detailed technical information about presentation preparation techniques and visual expression. The effect of being able to do an internship at MUUM during this process is huge. It is more permanent and instructive to obtain information in an environment where a sense of responsibility is instilled in the office and the chance to observe every step on site is given. Seeing closely the work process, meeting and operation of the project I was in the design preparation department made me understand better what awaits me in the future. I would like to thank the entire MUUM team for every professional issue and day I experienced during my internship.