She was born in 1998 in Istanbul. Her native language is Turkish. Also knows advanced level of English and beginner level of Spanish.

She attended primary and secondary school at Gökkuşağı College and until her last year of high school at Avrupa College and graduated from Kavram Temel Lisesi in 2016. In 2016, she started the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at Istanbul Kultur University. During her education, she completed her internship at the Sultanahmet-Hilton Hotel as a field architect with Efekta Architecture in 2019.  Graduated as an interior designer in 2021. She gained a lot of experience by completing office internship in the Pod Design project with MUUM Architecture.

She graduated in 2021 and started to work as a designer and interior architect at MK Illumination, which is a decorative lighting company. She successfully completed her duty for 1 year by taking part in all processes from the start, approval and delivery of domestic and international projects such as Greece - Athens International Airport, Dubai - Dubai Hills Mall, Istanbul - IstinyePark, Izmir - IstinyePark, Istabul - MarmaraPark at MK llumination.

After that, in 2023, she started to take an active role as an Interior Architect at OPTİMUUM which is within the scope of MUUM Architecture.

Ece Ünlü still has active role at OPTİMUUM.