Born in 1998, Denizli. Native language Turkish, proficient in English.

He started studying architecture-english at Istanbul Technical University in 2016, after graduating from TEV Anatolian High School. While continuing his university education, he participated in archaeological excavations, restoration works and museum activities while doing his worksite and academic internship at Seddulbahir Castle (Çanakkale, Gelibolu) within the ABMA Restoration. In 2021, he completed his office internship at TEGET.

During his office internship, she gained experience in project development, implementation project, landscaping and public space works in Abdi Ipekci Sports Complex, Konya Presidential Complex and private housing projects. He participated in various competitions during his student life. He won the Special Jury Award in MimED 2020, won 2nd prize in the Architecture Category, AYDA 2021, Turkey. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University in February 2022.

Apart from his architectural education, folk dances are his field of interest in gastronomy and he has completed various courses.

After graduating in 2022, she worked as an junior architect at Ahmet Alataş Workshop (AAW) for 6 months. He took part in the Digital Art Museum and housing blocks proposal project in Hamburg, the office project of Abdi İbrahim İlaç, the landscape works of the mansion project in Kanlıca and some private housing projects.

He has been working as an junior architect at MUUM since December 2022.