Mahalle Akdeniz

The masterplan is located in an urban regeneration area which is intertwined with Hatay, Dörtyol city centre. The new settlement is expected to be integrated with the city centre in order to become a new focal point for Hatay and contribute to expand the socio-cultural life of the city.
The Design is based on two main themes: the “Production for the city”, which creates a social production and sharing platform, and the “life cycle from precedent to future”. Following these themes, the new settlement is designed with special regard to the local environmental and climate variables with an approach that aims to be flexible, modular, economic, sustainable, environmentally conscious and open for future development. The local climate and dominant wind patterns served as the main design references for the composition and layout of the main roads and building clusters. The semi-public courtyards, created by the houses, have been named as “hayat”s, and are reminiscent of the traditional “zokmak”s which represent an important part of daily life and local culture. They offer a protected, shared interaction area that serves as a social focal point. The housing clusters are located along the main public “promenade”, which has been designed as a direct interpretation of traditional Antakya urban fabric.