Sancaktepe Waterfalls

The Sancaktepe Waterfalls masterplan is a mixed-use development in an abandoned industrial plot located at the edge of Istanbul in a district which is rapidly being converted into a vast new residential zone.
The project aims not only to create a new and attractive multifunctional plan, but most importantly, to be a catalyst for the regeneration of the local natural ecosystems. The building density has been carefully controlled in order to create a continuous and wide natural landscape with 3 large natural pools that serve as engines for the flourishing of the local biodiversity, as well a soothing visual element for the residents.
Furthermore, the landscape has been planned using only local flora and fauna to encourage a self-regulating ecosystem that is immediately adaptable to the local climate, and is able to support additional wildlife requiring minimal human intervention and maintenance.
Finally, the 3 water basins serve as important rainfall retention pools and are to be populated with aquatic fauna and flora that act as natural filters and regulators for the quality of the water.