Çanakkale Social Housing

Urban renewal is an act which has to be carefully planned noting its reflections to the city, and, comes up as a process which has to be managed with balance while putting a road map where all the shareholders (people, planners, architects, engineers, contractors, etc.) of the city work together.

The urban renewal area should be designed as a “city park” where it provides sustainable opportunities to the people, as it should embrace the city and the people coming from different socio-cultural groups. This type of City Park would become a place where people from all ages, and different cultures can easily communicate and interact for a higher level of social conduct.

The philosophy behind this design proposal lies in the aim to increase engagement of social life facilities with other functional elements of the city to make a greater impact on the city where this change is reflected to the daily life of people. Emphasising, equality, transparency and participation in decision making process in social areas is main design criteria.

The proposal, demonstrates .a plain and pure architectural language in order to achieve a contemporary design while analyzing the topography, building regulations and taking into consideration today’s needs.